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Whether it's a small office building, or a large manufacturing plant, Clean Right Building Services will get the job done. We guarantee the highest quality of service. Take a look through our list of services below categorized by product type. Our reliable service makes us the right choice every time!

Floor Care Services

Clean Right Building Services commercial floor cleaning services cover a wide range of different flooring types, including different styles of hard floors. Our hard floor cleaning services include cleaning and/or refinishing for surfaces such as laminate flooring, tile and grout, hardwood, natural stone, sealed or unsealed concrete, rubber, and VCT tile flooring.
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Window Cleaning

Clean Right Building Services commercial window services keep your building looking professional and inviting, inside and out. Periodic interior window cleaning removes residue that leaves the glass cloudy, streaked and dull, and also eliminates dirt buildup in the corners. From the outside, windows get stained from constant exposure to wind, rain, sprinklers and outside debris. We recommend periodic window cleaning services to keep them clear and clean. This is especially important for businesses with street-level storefront or display windows so that customers can see your merchandise easily and get a strong first impression – before they even enter the front door!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning improves the cleanliness of your facility, enhancing your company’s image, and floor care investment. Carpet cleaning also improves the air quality in your facility. Clean Right Building Services provides two different carpet cleaning options: Hot water extraction and our low moisture encapsulation cleaning. Whether it’s a large building, restaurant or a boutique shop, our technicians have the experience and tools to provide you with a service beyond your expectations.
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Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery can trap dirt, allergens and soils that wear down the fibers and dull the appearance. With upholstery cleaning your furniture will be revived and renewed for a cleaner, enhanced look.  If you're in need of upholstery cleaning for your sectional, sofa, ottomans, and other furniture pieces, then we have you covered.

Green Cleaning

Green commercial cleaning services at Clean Right Building Services are delivered through an eco-friendly set of cleaning products. Our green cleaning products include eco-friendly detergents, glass cleaners, and other cleaning products. These products carry eco-friendly certification from organizations like Green Seal. Not only are these products safer for the environment — they’re also safer for the people in your workplace. Our green cleaning products produce no irritating or toxic fumes, leave behind no harmful residues, and are 100% biodegradable.
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Disinfecting Services

Clean Right Building Services has developed a two-stage preventative cleaning process to provide the most effective cleaning possible. This process involves a deep cleaning of all horizontal surfaces as well as any high-touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, escalator rails and so on. Next we use a specialized fogging system to provide the most complete coverage and disinfection of your facility. This two-stage preventative cleaning process provides the most comprehensive preventative cleaning available. We use EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectants throughout the entire process.

Post Construction Clean Up

Clean Right Building Services will remove the dust and debris that construction companies leave behind and leave the interior looking clean and smelling fresh. Our experts ensure your commercial property shines from floor to ceiling. To minimize construction and drywall dust and maximize clean, we pay attention to the fine details such as trims, horizontal ledges, baseboards, light fixtures, and much more.
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